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Auto Liability – Vehicle Insurance


Since we live in a constantly moving world, in nearly all our daily activities we  depend upon vehicles. Incidents may occur and affect your car, yourself or others in traffic. It is therefore important to have the Vehicle Insurance policy that covers losses caused by unforeseen events.

With Raiffeisen Insurance Broker you can have Vehicle Insurance, TPL and TPL+ insurance, the most competitive offers in the market.

Vehicle insurance policy covers the theft of motor vehicle and material damages caused by:

  • Collisions with other vehicles or with any other movable or immovable object,
  • Fire, thunder, explosion
  • Natural disasters
  • Parking damages (no responsible person)
  • Damages resulting from malicious acts
  • Out-of-country insurance


TPL Insurance Policy is mandatory by law. This kind of insurance is extremely important if accidents occur by your fault. It covers expenses as a result of material, health, and assets damages caused to third parties due to insured motor vehicle circulation.